"Not Just a Diet" - 4 Week Program


Has someone ever asked you what your WHY is? Your boss, friend, team leader, teacher, your mom?? This question always annoys me, even though is a legitimate one. My WHY??? Well my kids duh..... and making a living duh..... and paying my bills DUH. Nope. I was so wrong. That's not the answer to my why. Now relax- I love my little ones and I'd kill and feed them another human before I'd let them go hungry, but they aren't my direct WHY. Indirect, yes. My WHY is I want to help people be WELL, HEALTHY, INNOVATIVE, POSITIVE, PROACTIVE, EMPOWERED, AND THE BEST DAMN VERSION OF THEMSELVES POSSIBLE. That's a big bite to chew, but this is why one particular streamline career is so difficult for me. I mean, can't I just visit people in nursing homes all day that have no family? Or adopt all the orphans in the world and be sane and prosperous?? I guess I could, but I'm not sure anyone would pay me to do that. So I've owned a CF gym, sold it, and started a consulting business. Consulting? What do you consult them on you ask?? LIFE, that's what. And not because I'm so amazing at it. I've made ALL the mistakes- eaten wrong, trained wrong, picked the wrong partners, THOUGHT wrong. And every time I've had to pull myself out of the well nails bloodied. So why can't I help other people not have to do that? Or show them that if they're in a hole that it's ok? The purdy posed IG pics of fat booties and tiny waistlines aren't reality. That chick walked away from that mirror selfie, blew a huge fart, and got a side cramp from not breathing for 90 seconds while she got the perfect shot. Get outa here. I'd like to see more stretch marks and dimples too Kendrick Lamar. Let's stop faking it and get better at REAL LIFE. Let's work on LOVING the weird and making that the new standard. Let's make sure that we care for our own souls FIRST, so that we can offer the best version of us to the ones we love. Let's get away from this mentality that you have to work 90 hours a week at a job you HATE to be successful in this world. Let's show the MOMS that they can be rested and fit and happy and SANE- that they don't have to be exhausted, resentful, and self sacrificial to the point of loosing who they really are in the process of raising little ones. Let's rejuvenate our minds, hearts, and let the body follow....


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