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How do I put all of this together in a few short paragraphs? All the pain, the passion, the intuition, the victories, and the battles…how can they be written in words?  There are so many things that have brought me to this point. All I remembered was being a mother. Don’t take that the wrong way, I have many happy childhood memories, but since the age of 18 I’ve been a mom. No longer was I an athlete, or a college student, my classification was Mommy.  I dove into a life of heavy responsibility when everyone around me expected the excellent successes of Lauren Brooks the college athlete-  what they got was a big baby shower. I remember being so terrified of it, but I also remember the determination to be the best at it, and take the best care of my son. He is 12 now and his name is Grant. He’s my height and has the biggest heart. When people ask me where I went to college, I simply tell them The University Of Real Life.  


Fast forward a few years later to when my daughter was born, I had signed up at the local CF gym to do three months. I liked that CrossFit had competitions for anyone and let’s be honest, I may have needed the therapy at the time with a prescription of heavy weights. So I dove in- bringing one to daycare and my newborn to class. I would time my breastfeeding just perfectly around the class times, so I would have her sleeping in a baby carrier while I was working out. She without fail screamed bloody murder through half of my sessions. I left that gym after a few short months and started going to the regular gym practicing the barbell movements and gymnastics. I’ll never forget jumping up on the crossover machine at the globo gym to practice my kipping pull ups. Everyone in the room thought I was crazy and I may have almost killed myself on the slick painted handles. I fell deep in love with the constantly varied CrossFit lifestyle and in a lot of ways it served as my therapy through several years of struggle in my personal life. It was soon after I quit my corporate job and opened a CrossFit gym.


CrosFit Salvation in Cape Coral, FL was a place that I loved for many years. So many fun times and great memories. It was the hub for my journey to the CrossFit Games in 2014 where I finished in 7th place in the world. It was a place where I brought my kids to work and lead the willing to a better way of movement and a healthier lifestyle. CrossFit gives the lost something to be apart of, a community. Yes I said lost, we are all a little lost in our own ways. Just like a sinner marching into church, he is welcomed by his support system and encouraged to be better. CrossFit serves as a church for most. It was inside those walls that I learned what I was capable of... I set goals and accomplished things that I never thought would be possible. It is there that I began to realize that I could do whatever I wanted in this life. I can climb mountains and swim the seas if I can align my mindset and practice those alignments. Only when I aligned my mind with the things I wanted, did I become one of the top 10 athletes in the world. I am using those same practices in my own work now. Join me on this journey of leading others to success.


"I never was an athlete or anything like that but with Lauren's help I can squeeze in a reasobable exercise routine each day that has had dramatic impacts on my health!"


"After my second child was born, I thought I would never have the time or motivation to get my body and sanity back!  Lauren's coaching and programming has allowed me to regain control of my life and rock the mom bikini with pride!"